Valuable Lessons Learned in the “Rat Race”: Corporate America Revealed; Part 2

I’m revealing a few more of my corporate confessions:

6. Healthy is the new Sexy: Health Matters

I’ve gained nearly 50 pounds since I entered corporate America in 2005. I have attributed this to limited physical activity at work (sitting behind a desk for hours at a time) and low energy following 10+ hour days. Only recently did I begin to take my health seriously after learning of the impact that weight could have on fertility.

While I view my contributions as significant to my organization, they will not make or break a Fortune 100 company. If I can invest in my job, I can invest in myself by taking an hour each day to exercise. Make time to workout either before work or leave a bit early to workout in the evening. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be your #1 priority.

7.  Host with the most/Hostess with the Mostess

It is important to create connections with your organization beyond the cube and water cooler. Consider hosting an annual event that both your professional and personal networks can enjoy. For example, one prior work colleague hosted an annual masquerade ball and another colleague had an “Ugly sweater” party. Most business deals are done outside of the office, so why not create an event to foster relationships and great networking on your own terms?

I hope this not only helps those in the proverbial rat race but aspiring entrepreneurs.


One thought on “Valuable Lessons Learned in the “Rat Race”: Corporate America Revealed; Part 2”

  1. Definitely some typically “unwritten insights”. Keep them coming so the next generation of corporate citizens can benefit!

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